SINCE 2021

Melograno joins Asso.Gio.Ca. in 2021 for the project: Un paniere per te
By realizing a software platform that enables various types of parties to be connected:
donors, large and small food retailers and pharmaceutical
target audience for the intervention
and project partner institutions.

2021- Present day

Platform creation

The platform will allow each individual to donate baskets of goods (solidarity baskets) or certain services by selecting on the platform the type of expenditure or service they want to donate and the certain type of recipients (lonely elderly, families in need, homeless, etc.) and the amount of goods and services they want to donate.
Third parties underwriting a spontaneous collaboration, which does not preclude active commitment to the creation of the project, are Farmacia Solidale dell’Arcidiocesi di Napoli, Campagna Amica Coldiretti Campania, Fondazione Grimaldi Onlus and Confcooperative Campania.

A month after the launch of the project, the City of Naples enthusiastically joins the list of partners, launching its “the suspended toy” Christmas initiative through the platform.